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“If you want your story to be magnificent, begin by realizing you are the author, and every day is a new page.” - Mark Houlahan

2016 draws to a close and we generally welcome in the New Year with partying, drinking and being surrounded by our best friends and family. It is a time to remember your successes and reflect on the lessons learned from your failures – and these are what make you who you are, the way you recover from where you fall.

This year, for me, has been a year of successes. I completed my studies in Education and spent the best part of the second half of the year teaching relief at my old high school. On top of that, a couple gigs at the Jazz Club (check out the videos HERE) and a win at the Qlds State Brass Band Championships with Windsor Brass, I would say for me it has been a good year.

It is also a chance to take stock on those we have said goodbye to. In August, I, with the rest of my family, celebrated the life of my final Grandparent – Grandma. In the last 8 and a bit years, I have said goodbye to all my grandparents I have known. When sitting down and planning their funerals, we go through as a family their life stories. What they have done, where they have come from and, whether it be written down or retold by old friends, who they were. This, I usually find, is the most interesting part as I get to see them from the eyes of their friends and family.

So, what will 2017 hold? I think the quote at the beginning of the article sums it up perfectly. You are your own author in the story of your life. New Chapter and a new set of 365 blank pages ready for you to fill in. Of course, along the way you will have editors that come through and try and direct you down different paths. Some of these will be to your benefit, some won't. It is you, though, that will have the final say on what happens in your story.

If death has taught us anything this year it’s that life is too short, no matter if we live to 100 or to 50. Tell the people closest to you what they mean to you. Make a mends with the people you have had a falling out with. Make the most of every opportunity you get given even if it seems like it is unreachable – do it!

I know this year I will be taking a leap. Keep an eye out for more information regarding that as the year progresses.


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